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9/18 Update

Meeting 9/18 10 AM EST

-Greg Cunningham addition

-Financial Update / Portal

-MiLP Tournament in the Desert

-XSET and similar opportunities

-Sergio's paddle racket update

-Gambling Division in disarray

-College Pickleball - Notre Dame

-Sergio sending 6? paddles to Joe who will then get them USA Pickle certified, from there we can make a decision on how we want to move forward if at all

-We really do not trust Sergio and do not have a lot of confidence in the product, that being said there could be some opportunity with all the things we have going on to have our own paddle company -  (MiLP tournament prizes and sponsors)

Minor league Pickleball

- MiLP Tournament sponsored by Hard Eights - Tempe, AZ Picklemall 10/14-10/15

We have an official tournament on the board sponsored by the Hard Eights


Mi LP Tempe 10 14
Excel – 10.4 KB 70 downloads

Notre Dame / Ohio St. fell through but this is probably a blessing in disguise.  There really was no upside or benefit to CDH had this been successful, and Ben and DUPR are pretty adamant on being in control of anything collegiate pickleball, and they have a good head start.  Partnering with them in the future might not be a bad move, but what this would look like which would benefit us, still has presented itself yet.


Working with Head of Notre Dame pickleball club, it may be beneficial to be their main ally/sponsor moving forward.  Huge turnout (over 500+ sign-ups)  She has been using her own money to fund some things, maybe there is an opportunity to help her and the program out a little bit while also putting ourselves in a favorable position with the university

In complete disarray - Need to evaluate and heads will and should roll