SBSE Update - 6/9/23

It's June 9th, 2023, and this update is long overdue.  I apologize for not updating sooner, and I completely understand the confusion on the status of this league and the team.  I will let Tim or Rick correct me if I'm wrong on anything, but this is where I believe we stand.  The league and its format is up in the air AK/GC style.  There was some talk about a new MiLP CEO, and then there were rumors about drafting players for each tournament, and now Tim is being very coy when I ask him if the Atlanta tournament is even happening.  Regardless, it does seem like we started chomping at the bit a tad too soon, but of course, I would rather hit the sun than never take off.


All this being said, we are going to move forward as if this is 100% happening because I believe it will happen in one shape or another.  It might not look like how we imagined, but there will be some sort of minor league pickleball, and we will have our foot in the door somehow.  I think it's time we pick it back up again and move forward with the momentum we had in the first month.  We may not know what this is going to look like, but something is going to happen and I'll be damned if the South Bend Snake Eyes are not a part of it.  



This is our internal portal.  We can keep files, post pictures, ideas, roster updates, etc... in this portal and it is only for us.  It is password protected and this is NOT the same thing as our external website.  Why have a portal like this instead of like Sharepoint, Basecamp, or even Google Drive?  That's a great question and we still may use one of those platforms for file storing as this thing grows.  I thought a website like this would easy to access and manage, as well as offer us a good place to leave updates, store information, and act as an internal home page for the 17 or so of us that own this soon to be highly successful minor league pickleball team.  It is definitely a work in progress, and will continue to improve, but this should help us stay on the same page and have somewhere to reference instead of searching through gmail.  Let me know your ideas on how we can improve it, there is just a lot going on in the pickleball world, and this is my attempt to try and centralize it as much as possible.



 We ordered 12 uniforms from Formuth Apparel (the frontrunner to be the official apparel sponsor of both MiLP) and then we actually spent a ton of money to hire a professional model to pose for a pic with one of our shirts, but the result is phenomenal. (see below)

We are actually doing something pretty cool with the white t-shirts where the profit from each one sold goes toward our end of the year event where we raise money with our newest partner, St. Jude's Children Hospital.*  (See Merchandise Page)


*This is just an idea we have in the works, but nothing official.  More about this idea will be discussed in the meeting on Monday.





I'll be honest, our external website needs work.  It's pretty basic and doesn't look great.  I think I can improve it a bit over the next few weeks, but when we win our first tournament and go viral, we should have something better.  This should look a lot better by the end of June.


Next SBSE Meeting

Monday 6/12

3:00 PM EST

Meeting Link


Agenda is TBD - Check back Monday morning