SBSE Social Media Strategy

Product Price
Burger and fries US$7.50
Deep-dish pizza US$13.20
Hot dog US$3.50

I am absolutely convinced we can figure this out collectively.  I am probably wrong, and will be willing to admit so, but I believe we can grow a brand by having a strategy, collectively coming up with ideas, organizing those ideas into something executable, and finally executing the ideas to grow the brand.


Below is a weak example of what a social media schedule could look like\

Day 1

We get the Hard Eights Social Media team involved releasing an announcement of their affiliate team - The South Bend Snake Eyes

SBSE - Releases first instagram post after the Hard 8s post with our logo, first official MiLP tournament, hashtags etc.


Day 2

Announce Affiliate tournaments like the one in Cape Cod and explain how that is associated with the SBSE 


Day 3

Start introducing players one at a time to the team getting their consent and buy-in on what to post and what picture(s) we can and cannot use


Day 4

Release apparel pictures and mock-ups and start taking orders



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